Announcements: New ZIGnotch Features Released

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As the most advanced event management app currently on the market, ZIGnotch’s development team constantly strives to improve and help our vendors automate marketing, and ease up the entire process of event management. The latest released features are as follows.

New Lobby Features

To enhance the attendees’ experience, we focused on improving the ‘Lobby’ feature. There are new changes and updates to the lobby, where your attendees can now have:
  • Multiple lobbies
  • The possibility to switch to a lobby once a session is over
  • The ability to filter people in the lobby based on their company, interests, or suggestions created by our algorithm
  • The ability to click on an attendee profile circle in the lobby to get a preview of their profile such as name, company, interests, and other information

New Marketing Automation Integrations

We all know how essential marketing is to event organizers. Our team is now finalizing an essential LinkedIn integration, alongside other social networks. With this update, attendees can read posts or publish directly back to the social networks without ever having to leave ZIGnotch.
More importantly, with the users’ authorization, you will be able to absorb all attendee data and preferences. This is perfect because a user’s profile will already be partially filled in upon registration. Event organizers can use this important data to enhance the user experience and suggest new content, meetings, connections, products, companies, and more.
We are integrating with¬†commercial databases, which will help match the user’s email with their records and extract relevant data from these records to enhance the user experience and match based on what can be learned from these databases. This will help build a buyer persona much easier, and we are proud to say that none of our competitors have these features.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Concerning our WordPress plugin – we currently have a significant release pending, where we previously only had widgets. Now, ZIGnotch will have at its disposal a complete community template and the possibility to register and authorize users directly from the WordPress-based website. Our developers have even extended the features and abilities of what users can do on the website before they are redirected to ZIGnotch.
We believe this is crucial for the marketplace and the concept of easier event advertising. Now, users can search, filter, and engage with (or buy) products directly from the website, without accessing ZIGnotch. To increase the level of engagement outside the platform, we’ve added yet another option. Visitors can also watch live sessions or product demonstrations via the website, and receive recommendations to engage with products, people, and companies if they are currently logged in.
We are fully aware this will bring user engagement via external websites to a whole new level. It will also increase the number of attendees, income, and event popularity by at least 10%.

ZIGnotch Remains The Most Advanced Event Management App

As promised, ZIGnotch’s team will work even harder to provide new ways of user engagement, methods to reach new audiences, and means of monetization to our users. We base all our work on trust, simplicity, loyalty, accountability, and honesty. If you find our product interesting or useful to you or your company, try out our demo or register for a free 30-day trial with ZIGnotch and see a whole new world of opportunities and 365-day engagement features for your future events.
More updates are to be announced soon!
The ZIGnotch Team

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