Announcements: New ZIGnotch Features Released

new features event management zignotch

As the most advanced event management app currently on the market, ZIGnotch’s development team constantly strives to improve and help our vendors automate marketing, and ease up the entire process of event management. The latest released features are as follows. New Lobby Features To enhance the attendees’ experience, we focused on improving the ‘Lobby’ feature. […]

111 Event Industry Facts You Need To Know

111 event industry facts you should know

Have you looked at some of the key industry facts that will influence how you create events? In the last few years, the event industry experienced a revolution. The event industry was forced to change everything from business models and sponsorships to event technology and content delivery. 2020, for better or worse, changed everything. Maybe […]

How To Maximize Event Data And Generate Revenue From Virtual Events

earn from virtual events

Before we begin, you should have a look at some statistics from the past few years. In case you are feeling skeptical about it, it’s best if you at least know what you’re dealing with here. For example, 84% of all event attendees claim they have developed a rather positive opinion about a certain product […]

ZIGnotch Gets The ‘Rising Star’ Award From FinancesOnline

rising star award zignotch

The eminent B2B platform, FinancesOnline, has recently granted ZIGnotch’s event management software a significant award. FinancesOnline, one of the most eminent B2B marketplaces today, recognized ZIGnotch with a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our software’s increasing user base and fame. The award goes to business software providers that are new in the industry but quickly accomplish […]

What Is Event Management Software

what is event management software

Event preparation can be both enjoyable and tiring. According to CareerCast’s annual Most Stressful Jobs survey, an Event Coordinator is the sixth most stressful job. However, having the appropriate event management tools can make all the difference. Like a superhero needs a faithful sidekick, you need a collection of event management solutions to save time, optimize […]