Personalised community feed

Your clients will receive an intelligent, personalised event-driven activity feeds derived from your previous, current and future events

live EVENT


We have the know-how and tools you need
to keep your audience engaged
365 days a year
Socialize 365

Your attendees can Search, Preview, Upload, Share, Like, Comment, Rate:

- presentations
- videos
- brochures
- blogs
- short text posts

Additionally they can follow events, peers, speakers

Unparalleled reporting and Data visualisation

We provide you with:

- unparalleled data visualisation

- interactive dashboards

- flexible reporting

- possibility to utilise a "machine learning" prediction for your marketing, sales and operations efforts

Key benefits for you, the event organiser

YOU OWN and CONTROL the data

creating a pool of qualified sales leads!

Your current SOCIAL activities

 are streamlined

to your website effortlessly!

It is a coherency experience

resulting in regular visits &interactions!

You acquire

AI and DATA mining system that brings your marketing and sales GAINS to another level!


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