Our features are the gateway to your future business

Commission free ticketing and
Registration system

We won’t bite into your bread and butter.

As partners, we are here to help you capitalise on your ideas and efforts

UNLIMITED Workshops, breakout sessions, 1-1 meetings

The touch of our AI matchmaking makes your attendees purposefully engaged and your subscribers gratefully fulfilled

Speaking Event
Virtual stage or physical theatres streamed to your audience

We help you “renovate and innovate” your venues to an infinite capacity

Personalised social feed

Deliver personalised ads and “call to actions” to a targeted audience, fulfilling every sponsors’ desire along the way

Integrated survey system for your researches and insights

No need for additional third-party-services that either don’t integrate or simply do not deliver.


We enable and empower you to manage your data and reach your targets

Like, share, follow, connect, message, group chat

Have your own social platform that feels natural and easy to use and adopt. Take control and own the data that brings you closer to mutual success

Central repository for all digital content
  1. Become your “media content provider” and monetize on that!


Your time is valuable,
focus on creative tasks

Autoresponders and marketing automation

"Babylon Software Solution is a fundamental partner in our business almost since day one. The team has not just delivered but also innovated and helped us reach better outcomes.  They always have a grasp and good understanding of the task at hand – and our result is world-class market-leading services."

Jim Berry
CEO & Founder, Adapt Ventures


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