From Community to Ecosystem

Imagine a community functioning as an entire ecosystem, where all members are important, all products appreciated, and all opinions are heard.

Discover the power of hybrid events

By organizing hybrid events, you combine the best of both worlds! You can now give your attendees a choice – those living abroad can be virtually present, and meet with those physically attending via virtual halls, workshops, and 1-on-1 meetings.

Get the party started

Organize cocktails, small group meetings, VIP meetings, schedule get-togethers at local bars, then share it on the event’s social feed and watch the likes and RSVPs fill out! Create infinite pre and post-event gatherings to engage all attendees.

Find and connect
the right people‚Äč

With our AI-powered matchmaking features, you get to see the best of technology and attendeess’ intent to bond, socialize, collaborate, and share ideas together. This way, you are able to merge the ‘social’ and ‘business’ factors into one.

Think globally, not locally

Using hybrid events to your advantage, consider the entire world as your marketplace. You can have sponsors from Asia, attendees in the U.S., and online guest speakers from Europe. As long as you think globally, your success is guaranteed.


Social media integration

Tools for attendees to post to social media during an event

Built-in social media platform

Tool to engage all attendees before, throughout, and after the event.

Attendee networking

Tools to enable networking for attendees during events

Attendee surveys

Tools for gathering feedback from attendees during and after an event

AI-powered dashboard

Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboards

Advanced Reporting

Provides analytics features to track event attendance, engagement, and feedback

User Permissions

Allows administrators to define role-based permissions for local organizers and members


Provides dashboards for visualizing community data and analytics

Virtual Lobby

Offers a virtual lobby where users can view sessions, access content, and chat with attendees

Webcasting Integrations

The platform offers integrations with webinar and/or video streaming tools

AI Matchmaking

Unique tool which matches attendees with the best suggestions based on mutual interests and interactions


Tool to virtually meet with other attendees in a virtual room, where users connect and interact