Monetize, Retain, Scale, Repeat

Use ZIGnotch to monetize from organizing events, retain your community, grow it exponentially, and use the same audience to provide recurring revenue.

No commission fees

You only pay for the chosen subscription package. Everything else you earn and sell, you keep. We give community managers and event organizers the opportunity to quickly grow, scale, and create an event ecosystem, with recurring profits.

Get more business done for less

Using our virtual halls and stands, you can now cross-sell and send attendees with the highest buying intent to sponsored products. Even better, charge certain attendees to meet sponsors, CEOs, and guest speakers.

Recurring income streams

Get your income flowing in regularly. Combine multiple streams with discounts for even greater revenue, and offer exclusive packages, all while selling tickets until there are none left. Best part? You can invite the same attendees next time again.

Different ways to monetize

Need to earn more? With ZIGnotch, you can upsell product packages, organize VIP meetings between attendees, play ads during events, mention sponsors in the feed, and much more. Oh, and don’t forget – we don’t touch any of your earnings.


Ticket sales

Create membership packages and ticket tiering. Create discounts for buying tickets for companies and organizations.

Premium networking

Charge extra for exclusive access to attendees willing to connect with speakers and company executives.

Live stream revenue

Stream to other social media networks and monetize from ads

Sell ad space on and off site

Create and sell ad spaces to sponsors not only by using the event’s website but also via our platform.

Invite people to virtual stands

Monetize by inviting your virtual community to sponsors’ stands for product presentations and other financial opportunities.

Upsell premium content

Got more to sell? Redirect attendees to a page where they can browse through a list of products for affiliate marketing.