What Is An Ecosystem In The Event Industry

event industry ecosystem

Good news! The event industry is finally getting back to normal. It is a refreshing sight for all event organizers to see all their sponsors, attendees, and exhibitor stands filled in down to the very last spot.

Professionals will always say “There is no way you can run an event without the venues, people, food, beverages, all the free stuff, and everything else necessary to make an event successful”. Sadly, this changed as the world is increasingly prioritizing green and eco-friendly initiatives, imposed by the situation we’ve all been in for the past few years.

Thus, we are going to look at all the parts that form the event ecosystem.

According to Promoleaf, 85% of all attendees prefer to attend events using sustainable practices, as this is something that we cannot ignore anymore. In fact, according to similar recent surveys, 59% of consumers agree the global pandemic has “ignited” something in each and every one of them, becoming more eco-aware, i.e. becoming more aware of what physical events do to our environment.

In short, we spend massive amounts of electricity for lighting, air conditioning, electronics, as well as consumables wrapped in plastic and paper – just to organize one event.

You might be wondering what event management apps like ZIGnotch are doing to contribute to the future of the event ecosystem.

event industry ecosystem

The ability to create hybrid, online and in-person events

Consider ZIGnotch as a rental company, where all the data you use today can be reused for your future events, no matter if hybrid, in person, or online. Seriously, ZIGnotch’s hybrid events are a great choice for all organizers. Why? Well, the entire world can be your venue, which allows digital interactions as equally powerful as physical ones. And, we aren’t just talking about the broadcasting sessions, but our technology that makes it easy for people to meet up online with our hall networking feature.

To hang out, to make an engagement from their home or anywhere in the world. You can have sponsors from Asia, attendees in the U.S., and online guest speakers from Europe. As long as you think globally, your success is guaranteed. We use the data digitally to build an ecosystem with sustainability. We are very vocal about the ecosystem and the sustainability of our product. With ZIGnotch you can make money by doing the right thing!

Infinite pre and post-event engagements on a global scale

For event organizers, it is quite challenging to manage the attendees’ engagement before, during, and after the event without the appropriate technology. We did the work; you only need to create the excitement about hosting the event and then your network experience can build up. We offer an end-to-end event management software platform that can digitize various aspects of the event, ultimately saving you money. 


AI-powered matchmaking system to connect with the right audience

You can see the best of technology and attendees’ intentions to connect, socialize, collaborate, and share ideas together thanks to our AI-powered matchmaking features. This way, you can combine the “social” and “business” aspects into one, which represents a winning combination for any event organizer.

Rich data can be captured, which is a feature of our online virtual events that frequently outperform on-site activities. You can automatically record a variety of data points with the right virtual event platform that you would not be able to easily record in a physical space. 

By combining your skills, knowledge, and resources with our tools, you can transform your community into a self-sustaining ecosystem with 365-day engagement.

event ecosystem

Is the event ecosystem concept here to stay?

Overall, the event ecosystem is set to continue to grow. The continued evolution of the industry has led to better experiences for attendees, better products for sponsors, and higher quality content for organizers and exhibitors. Event creators have also been able to increase their revenue and build a better experience for attendees.

Virtual events are likely to continue to be popular as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic given their value as substitutes for onsite events or as an addition to hybrid activities in the future.

Consider choosing an event platform that will grow and evolve with you. ZIGnotch is here to help you realize your vision, whether you’re hosting virtual or hybrid events to connect with clients, staff, investors, or partners.

Interested? Check out our demo version from an attendee perspective, or sign up for a 100% free 30-day trial with ZIGnotch.

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