What Is Event Management Software

what is event management software

Event preparation can be both enjoyable and tiring. According to CareerCast’s annual Most Stressful Jobs survey, an Event Coordinator is the sixth most stressful job.

However, having the appropriate event management tools can make all the difference. Like a superhero needs a faithful sidekick, you need a collection of event management solutions to save time, optimize event management processes, be more productive and generate the most remarkable possible experiences.


What is an Event Management Software?


Event management software is a solution that aids in the planning, promoting, and implementation of private, corporate, motivational, and charitable events. This technology provides an all-inclusive platform that allows event organizers to develop project schedules, measure attendance, market across numerous platforms, and engage participants.

It is projected that the market for event management software will expand in the post-COVID-19 era as SMEs and large enterprises transfer their IT architecture to cloud networks to boost business continuity and operations. In other words, centralized apps containing multiple features within your grasp are the future.

According to Grand View Research, the international demand for Event management software was valued at $5.84 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to have a 12.5% CAGR between 2021 and 2028.


Essential Features of Event Management Software

Event management solutions should streamline the entire event planning and execution process. It must be compatible with other functions, such as finance or lead administration. In addition, effective event management software is cloud-based and includes a centralized database to facilitate data sharing. Listed below are some of the critical features of event management software.


Integrated Event Calendar

The event calendar is the organizational backbone of your event, making it a crucial component of your event management software. You should be able to alter your calendar fast and simply as plans change. Additionally, you must be able to present your event calendar to visitors and incorporate it into your website.


Automation of Email and Marketing Efforts

Timely and well-organized communication with attendees is required. Automations allow you to achieve this objective without adding more activities to your lengthy to-do list.

Generally speaking, any event management software already contains attendee and calendar data, making it the ideal focus for all event communications. Ensure that your software includes built-in marketing and email to manage all communications for the engagement without constantly switching between software applications.


Integrations with Multiple Payment Gateway

You should not manually process event payments or use a separate payment processing system. Your event management system should handle all aspects of the billing and payment process, including payment collection, invoice generation, and other crucial financial tasks.

Additionally, when selecting the best event management software, you should consider the variety of payment mechanism integrations. Ensure that it will integrate with the payment gateways that your finance team prefers or, more often, requires.

Thus, establishing the payment gateway must be quick and straightforward and not require substantial IT help.


Integrations With other Communications and Marketing Tools

The process of copying data across software applications is time-consuming and error-prone. It should be avoided whenever possible. Ensuring that your software systems communicate directly will save you time and lessen frustration.

Therefore, when selecting an event management software, you should check if it can integrate with free CRM software. All tools you use in your event management workflows, such as CRM software, should function smoothly with your existing event management solution. Your CRM gives you your customer details and lets you manage your contacts with ease.


Reports and analytics

Event data can assist event professionals in comprehending what transpired at their events and how to better future events. Whether analyzing the return on investment (ROI) of an event, determining attendance figures, or just determining which sessions attendees found most interesting, the use of information in events is growing.

benefits of event management software

Reasons why event software software helps organize your events


Manages events from a central source

For a professional onsite, virtual, or hybrid event, the all-in-one platform encompasses all essential event procedures in a single, user-friendly application. event management software benefits you in all aspects of event preparation, from personalized event websites to personalized mailings and virtual and hybrid events.


Improves productivity

Indeed, online event management apps help you save time preparing your event, manage and keep your participant data in a single location and platform, and automate manual tasks.


Provides an innovative guest experience

Create an outstanding first impression with a custom-designed event website. Your attendees will be even more impressed with a unique registration procedure and individualized communication.

This platform also establishes your credibility as a reliable event organizer. In addition, you can utilize marketing automation to boost the company’s relationship with clients and optimize event-related marketing efforts.


Effective lead management

Event management software expedites your response to leads. It holds data about leads in the same database, allowing you to monitor their status and select the most appropriate follow-up actions.

In addition, there is no need to generate bids, sales orders, or invoices manually. The system will produce it automatically, allowing you to conclude deals quickly. With a cloud-based solution, you can manage leads from any location, device, or time.

event management app benefits

Improves business decisions with comprehensive reporting

A complete end-to-end event management software has incorporated an automatic, precise, and real-time reporting capability. In addition, sophisticated software can provide data with tailored measures based on the aspects you wish to examine. This report can also be sent straight to the authorized party from the system.


Simplify your events with Events Management Software

Event organizers will no longer need to browse large binders or click countless spreadsheets. Using Event Management Solutions reduces the burden of planning a faultless fundraising or a productive conference. A perfect reason why you should use event management software.

Teams can collaborate to meet their goals rather than relying on a single planner, and supervisors can delegate tasks to workers online. Sponsors and stakeholders can learn more about your event without asking overloaded team members for reports. These elements enhance attendees’ experience and encourage them to attend your next event.

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