7 Reasons Why You Should Use Event Management Software

why you should use event management software

We all know how hard it can be to create and manage events. There are so many things to take care of – from attendees and sponsors to selling tickets and increasing engagement for more exposure and actions.

You’re already feeling stressed out, aren’t you? There is a solution to this.

There are more than a handful of reasons why you should use event management software to create the best possible experience for your attendees. More importantly, the amount of time it takes to create, organize, and hold a simple event is very important to you as an organizer or manager. 

More importantly, however, you need to learn how to retain the same audience and reuse them for any future, industry-related events.


Event management made easier

In short, anyone can use event management platforms nowadays. Not only experienced marketers and community managers responsible for events, but beginners just starting in the industry as well. It’s made to be simple for navigation and ease your job, not vice versa.

In the past few years, industry professionals have put maximum effort into making tools and dashboards based on user experience, i.e. how to improve event management as a job. Currently, huge progress has been made with ZIGnotch.

You can freely try it out by visiting our demo page or trying it out for free for 30 days, using any of our pricing packages available. We do not charge upfront, so rest assured you will have enough time to test it out. 

We know that simplicity in products is important to any user. No one wants to waste time and study how a product works, which is a great reason why you should use event management apps.

Decrease event management costs

Like any other job, organizing events require more than one person to take care of things. For example, one person is responsible for finances, another one to contact sponsors and companies related to the industry, and a third person to promote the event itself, for bigger exposure.

One person can’t do the job of three people, right? In this case – wrong.

Event management platforms are designed to bring you up to speed with everything, within the dashboard. You can spend a day inviting sponsors and creating ad placements. The next day, you can create ticket tiers and start promoting the event via social platforms and on-site. Day three? Create virtual stands, check your finances so far, invite guest speakers, and organize meetings and workshops.

Within a few weeks, you will look back with pride on everything you’ve achieved, thinking it’s impossible to create events with a one-man team. Companies with large communities turn to event management software, allowing their managers to communicate, engage, interact with, and scale audiences by spending no more than a few hours daily.

reasons why you should use event management app

Time-saving and management

Fact is, event management platforms will save you enough time to focus on other things, such as putting more effort into marketing and event promotion. Allocating time to more critical tasks by automating half of your work is a blessing in the IT industry nowadays.

For example, ZIGnotch focused on centralizing all essential tools to help manage tasks and plan things more efficiently, which logically saves time. On average, any given task takes no more than 5-10 minutes on our platform.

Naturally, creating pricing tiers and other similar tasks require more than a few minutes, but they are considered one-timers.

Increase engagement

Now comes the fun part. Event management apps nowadays can keep all attendees engaged, in more than one way. You can start by asking questions in the event’s very own personalized social feed, or show surveys, videos, product promotions, and anything else you can think of to grab your attendees’ attention.

Think of it as having your very own mini-Facebook platform where users can connect or organize various online and in-person meetings, workshops, parties, and gatherings. You can introduce VIP ticket holders and guest speakers for future business collaborations, create new partnerships, and a lot of other opportunities worth your while, 

On top of that, you can easily collect GDPR-friendly data and monetize in so many ways.

Let’s learn more about data and monetization.

Event Data Collection

Unlike most event management platforms, ZIGnotch has an advanced feature worth gold to any organizer.

In short, our event data is GDPR-friendly and more importantly, it’s purposeful. Everything you see in the dashboard is valuable. This segment allows companies to get an idea about certain products, and identify bad decisions, all based on human behavior.

The more your attendees engage in various activities, the more data you will have on their buying intent. All this is allowed in accordance with every international law, whereas you get just enough data to identify things like top buyers, most popular products and brands, and the likelihood of people connecting based on mutual interests.

Event data collection is just one of the perks you get for free. It’s also a pretty solid reason as to why you should use event management software.

event software monetization

Event Monetization

So far, the creators of event management apps have found only about a dozen ways for virtual event monetization. Some of our users say there are at least a dozen more if you sit down and make a solid monetization strategy.

Of course, you can sell regular and premium tickets, or create several ticketing tiers for your attendees. Then, there are a few lucrative reasons why you should include sponsors in your platform.

What about ad spaces and virtual stands? They will just add up to the final profit margin. Some sponsors will even pay you to invite users to their product presentations, or even show a short product video between breaks.

In truth, there are more than 20 ways to monetize using event management platforms such as ours, so as they say – only sky is the limit.

Create an event ecosystem

There is something not many people have known about the event industry in the past few years. 

The most common definition of an online community manager is someone who builds, scales, and manages online communities around a company or product. They used to be called social media managers, however, they recently coined together both terms into one.

However, there is a major setback when community managers interact with online audiences. They are mostly dependent on social platforms and the data provided by these is very little to none. On the other hand, using event management apps allows for the gathering of essential data. This data is much needed to define what the audience wants and with it, reshape the industry trends.

In the end, focusing on online communities around upcoming events is just the beginning. The ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining community in the form of an event ecosystem. Here, everyone from attendees to products can contribute to keeping it alive for an infinite amount of time.


To wrap up, you now know why every single feature we mentioned is a reason more for community managers and event organizers to start using event management software. Making the job that much easier leaves enough time to focus on other tasks at hand, especially when it comes to increasing your company’s growth. Even better, event organizers working as individuals and freelancers can also monetize in more than a dozen ways and get valuable data for any brand.

We hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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