ZIGnotch Gets The ‘Rising Star’ Award From FinancesOnline

rising star award zignotch

The eminent B2B platform, FinancesOnline, has recently granted ZIGnotch’s event management software a significant award.

FinancesOnline, one of the most eminent B2B marketplaces today, recognized ZIGnotch with a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our software’s increasing user base and fame. The award goes to business software providers that are new in the industry but quickly accomplish market validation.

rising star award zignotch

Among other standards, FinancesOnline delved into the remarkable volume of favorable feedback and social mentions of our product as a badge of user satisfaction. Software experts from FinancesOnline also authored a comprehensive ZIGnotch review and figured that it provides beginners and professionals with AI-hosted technologies and extensive features. They also discovered that it helps users fully control their data to better identify customer behavior and intent by directing and retaining their audience from social networks to construct their own. 

In their assessment, FinancesOnline commended our product’s completeness and adaptability. Some of the features it took note of are our end-to-end event management, hybrid events support, and AI-based data insights.

zignotch review

The review mentioned how ZIGnotch’s complete set of features helps users in successfully managing events—from planning to after-event affairs. Users are always provided with a full picture of what is happening. At the same time, organizers can simply check ticket sales, view an attendee’s social profiles, book sessions and agendas, check out businesses that have registered for the event, and so on. Using our intuitive social feed, interacting with guests before, during, and after the event is also easy.

These aside, the review mentioned ZIGnotch’s ability to conduct hybrid events. Here, users can give their guests the choice to attend remotely or engage with those who are personally present via seminars, virtual halls, and one-on-one meetings. Users may also host smaller events, such as get-togethers at bars, cocktail parties, or small group meetings, and post them on the event’s social stream.

Their review also praised ZIGnotch’s AI-hosted, GDPR-compliant attendance information acquired within the software. Data may be collected and shown as a graphic, chart, or diagram by users. The data from past events is also being used to know, improve, and reproduce events in the future with better outcomes. Our cost-efficient and time-saving platform can significantly affect the success of any event organization or community management.

These features are what got us included on FinancesOnline’s list of event management software products, which exhibits today’s leading event management software tools

ZIGnotch would like to give our thanks to FinancesOnline for recognizing our hard work. Earning accolades from prestigious organizations like this one motivates us to do our jobs better at providing the finest event management solutions.

Everyone here shouts a major ‘THANK YOU’ to our users, who have trusted us for their event management requirements. We guarantee you that we will continue to deliver well-built services and come up with more features so that you can improve your experience and satisfaction with our product. ZIGnotch is here to help not as a product, but as a solution to all event management issues planners face on a daily basis.

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