From Events To Organized
Communities Within Days

ZIGnotch helps community managers in endless ways. Our simple dashboard allows you to monetize, retain, organize, convert, and constantly engage attendees. Check out all our features below.

All-In-One Event Management Platform

Perfectly designed for beginners and professional event organizers and community managers, create an unlimited amount of events with a detailed overview, powerful data features, and complete control of it all.

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From Community
to Ecosystem

Use advanced features to keep the community engaged before, during, and after events. Create a self-sustaining ecosystem and allow attendees to organize, meet, and socialize via ZIGnotch.

Valuable AI-Based
Data Insights

Understand community behavior like never before! Gain valuable insights, measure your ROI ratio, and use our AI-powered tools to extract, combine, filter, and show all essential data.

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Monetize, Retain,
Scale, Repeat

Monetize with ticket sales, membership packages, premium content and networking, sponsors, and much more. With ZIGnotch, you keep what you earn – and pay for the subscription package only.

You're in good hands!

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