Own and scale your global community in 3 steps.

Perfect end-to-end event solution for event marketers, hospitality professionals, and community managers.

One platform.
Countless opportunities.

ZIGnotch replaces most of the apps you use to
organize, engage with, monetize, and overview your community.

All-In-One Event Management

Create community events like never before! With AI-powered tools, all your attendees will be purposefully engaged and grateful for being a part of the event.

Data Insights

Gain GDPR-friendly data insights and use it to define buying intent and buyer persona, all year long. No third-party platforms and sharing data with others.

Monetize, Retain, Scale, Repeat

Monetize by selling tickets, ad space, on and off-site, upselling exclusive products and seats, affiliates, and much more. We won't even take a cent of your profits!

From Community To Ecosystem

Combine your knowledge, resources, and skills with our tools and turn your community into a self-sustaining ecosystem, with 365-day engagement.

Organize your events the way you imagined it

365-Day Attendee Engagement

Improved Engagement Tools

Solutions to engage all attendees – 365 days a year, including:

  • Intelligent overview of all audiences
  • Matchmaking opportunities for all attendees
  • Workshops
  • After-work meetups
  • Event serendipity effect
  • 1-on-1 and VIP meetings
  • Other virtual networking tools
  • Post all types of content for increased engagement and define audiences
  • Complete data + analytics of all attendee actions
  • Retain attendees via multiple engagement tools
Monetization tools

Tiered Ticketing

Create as many tickets as you need for your online, hybrid, and live events, with 0% commission fees.

  • Include/exclude VAT
  • Choose between currencies
  • Create your own membership subscriptions
  • Easy payment processing via Stripe
  • Easily switch between subscription plans
  • Unlimited events with any subscription plan
  • Automated email templates for attendees and speakers
Next-gen analytics

AI-Powered Leads
From Attendees

Experience the most advanced data analytics tool on the market.

Our fully-automated data collector will define any attendee’s customer intent and buyer persona for you! Send the most preferred attendees to your sponsors, and increase your profits.

With included real-time analytics and data based on surveys and other actions, you are entirely in control of your app data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ZIGnotch is the most advanced, and at the same time, simple event management platform currently available on the market. You have the option to create professional virtual and hybrid events from scratch, hassle-free.

As a user, you have complete control over what happens inside the platform, gaining access to important insights automatically created by attendees’ behavior. You are also able to profit heavily from the platform, in more than a dozen ways.

With ZIGnotch, you are effectively replacing most of the apps you use to create, organize, and monetize events.

We simply focus on automation and getting that extra work off your back. You will create meaningful events within your own environment, protected in any way possible, in control of the entire data of your attendees, while you monetize from virtually anything you can think of.

Absolutely not. ZIGnotch is perfectly adjusted for any beginner and professional event organizer, event marketer, and community manager to use with ease. Besides, we are here to support your needs 24/7, and in case you need more information about any process, it’s already included on our Help Center page

Virtually anything your community does, you can monetize from it. Organize VIP meetings between companies and c-level executives, or send attendees with the most significant buying intent to virtual stands and earn affiliate commissions.

Want to create recurring income? You get your own virtual ad space for sponsors with the highest bids. They can pay on a monthly basis directly to your account.

You can have anywhere between 1-20.000 active members in your events. They will not only be attending events but also engage, connect, interact with sponsors and virtual stands, and create workshops and 1-on-1 meetings. In the meantime, you will monetize from almost any step taken on your platform.

You can use any attendees in relation to a future industry event you need to organize and create an entire engaging community out of ZIGnotch. Create as many events as you need, automate contacting the same sponsors and exhibitors for your next events, promote them anywhere you want using our WordPress plugin, and invite any existing and new attendees for yet another great event experience.

We are a fully-transparent and socially responsible company. We WILL NOT take any commission fees or percentage of what you make. We only charge for monthly/yearly subscription plans. Anything you make off our platform is yours to keep.

You can create an event within minutes of creating an account with us. Our setup wizard will help you connect everything in no time, so that you can focus entirely on finding attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

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