Own and scale your global community in 3 steps.

Direct and retain your audience from the social networks to build your own, taking full control of data to better define buyer intent and behavior.

Maximize community engagement while organizing events by combining ‘social’ and ‘business’ into one.

Create a self-sustaining marketplace revolving before, during, and after events – and monetize from it.

Organize events effortlessly
Use tons of automated features to create unlimited amount of events, with sponsors and speakers.
View invaluable AI based event data
Check the most popular products, how attendees behave before and after events, and find out what they want from it.
Engage your community
Let attendees fully experience online and hybrid events by connecting and socializing, and capitalize on it.

One platform.
Countless opportunities.

ZIGnotch replaces most of the apps you use to help
organize, engage and interact with, and overview your community.

All-In-One Event Management

Create community events like never before! With AI-powered tools, all your attendees will be purposefully engaged and grateful for being a part of the event.

Valuable AI-Based Data Insights

Gain GDPR-friendly data insights and use it to define buying intent and buyer persona, all year long. No third-party platforms and sharing data with others.

Monetize, Retain, Scale, Repeat

Monetize by selling tickets, ad space, on and off-site, upselling exclusive products and seats, affiliates, and much more. We won't even take a cent of your profits!

From Community To EcoSystem

Use your resources and skills to turn your community into a self-sustaining ecosystem. Fuse your knowledge with our smart tools and grow attendees with ease.

You're in good hands!

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