Valuable AI-Based Data Insights

Learn from the GDPR-compliant data gathered within our platform to gain leverage and redefine industry consumers and demand.

GDPR & CCPA-compliant

You can now view essential attendee information created with AI-powered software, fully compliant with every privacy law to protect your attendees. View your attendee data safely and securely, in real-time.

User-friendly dashboard reports

We created the perfect dashboard for you to interact with, and extract every bit of data needed to define your marketing goal – user buying intent and buyer persona.

Recreate events with better ROI

Use the data from previous events to learn, optimize, and recreate future events with improved results. This time-efficient and cost-saving technique is crucial to every community manager and event organizer’s success.

Define the future of market trends

With the rise in popularity of hybrid events, new marketing opportunities have been unlocked. With the invaluable data provided by the platform itself, you can now discover the true power of data in real-time


Data visualization

Users can extract data and present it in the form of a chart, picture, or diagram

Registrant data

Get names, job titles, company names, emails, industry, etc.

Secondary data

Product preferences, additional personal information, references

Advanced Reporting

Provides analytics features to track event attendance, engagement, and feedback

Marketing opportunities

Create buyer persona and buyer intent for sponsors, speakers, and future usage

AI-powered dashboard

Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboards