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ZIGnotch WP Event Manager

WordPress &
Elementor Integration

Get our FREE WordPress plugin to help showcase events, boost your marketing efforts, and increase the number of attendees organically!

What is the ZIGnotch WP Event Plugin?

To help you connect with attendees and sponsors worldwide, we partnered up with WordPress and created the ZIGnotch Event Manager plugin. It serves as a powerful sidekick to the ZIGnotch event management platform, and as a gateway for website visitors to get a detailed overview of your already vibrant community.

Promote events with ease

Clean look and friendly feel

  • Allow visitors to view the latest industry events
  • Display products to all visitors to increase sales
  • Show exhibitors and improve their visibility
  • List your guest speakers and industry leaders
  • Single-click registration of all visitors
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Engage all community visitors

Personal calendar

  • Reveal the latest pre-event sessions to interested site visitors
  • Show upcoming event workshops for attendees to participate in
  • Display all pre and post-event networking sessions and allow attendees to increase their network and increase engagement
  • Allow for a general overview of the entire event agenda, before, during, and after events
Monetization and revenue

Increase product visibility

  • Browse through sponsored products
  • Show all your sponsors to increase brand awareness
  • Make exhibitors happy by sending more users to their company profiles
  • Increase your revenue by attracting more sponsors and exhibitors
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Customizable drag and drop widgets

Incredibly easy to use

  • Drag and drop your preferred widgets and customize them
  • Easy community sign-up
  • Buy tickets directly from the website
  • Complete personal calendar for each attendee
  • Full event list
Increase your attendee count

Event showcase page

  • Customizable banners and event graphics
  • One-click save events to any Yahoo, Google, Apple, and Outlook calendar
  • Check out what’s happening at the moment
  • Unique product marketplace for logged and non-logged site visitors
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You're in good hands!

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