ZIGnotch WP Event Manager

WordPress &
Elementor Integration

Install our free WordPress plugin to help showcase events, boost your marketing efforts, and connect with your audience

What is ZIGnotch WP Event Manager?

To help you connect with your attendees and sponsors elsewhere, we partnered up with WordPress and created the ZIGnotch Event Manager plugin. Our WordPress plugin is 100% free to use and acts as a sidekick to the ZIGnotch event management platform. Showcase all your events in just a few clicks, and allow all your guest speakers to be heard!

Promote events using your WP website

Social and information feed

  • Allow visitors to view the latest industry events
  • Display the newest event social interactions on your website
  • Showcase all guest speakers and industry leaders for the event
Social engagement tools

Full event agenda feed

  • Reveal the latest pre-event sessions for all those interested in attending
  • Show upcoming event workshops for attendees to participate in
  • Display all pre and post-event networking sessions to allow attendees increase their network and engage more
  • Allow for a general overview of the entire event agenda, before, during and after it is finished
Monetize via sponsorships

Event social &
information feed

  • View and click on sponsored products, also visible on the platform
  • Show all event sponsors to increase brand awareness
  • Reveal the exhibitors to attract more users interested in their products and services

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