How To Maximize Event Data And Generate Revenue From Virtual Events

earn from virtual events

Before we begin, you should have a look at some statistics from the past few years. In case you are feeling skeptical about it, it’s best if you at least know what you’re dealing with here. For example, 84% of all event attendees claim they have developed a rather positive opinion about a certain product or company when it was promoted after the event’s end.

How about this? Almost every event manager and organizer (96 percent) is using social media event marketing to promote their events to a wider audience. Also, the most valuable feature of event management platforms, according to 3/4 of all virtual event attendees, were on-demand sessions for networking and business opportunities.

Keeping that in mind, you can now probably picture the opportunities of virtual and hybrid events for your attendees. Let’s elaborate on this part in a few minutes.

monetize from event data

Gathering data for virtual events

Every engagement you have with your participants before, during, and after the event is recorded as a data point in our system. It’s obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. In order to use data in your marketing strategy, you must first collect it. Whether you are aware of it or not, our ML-powered algorithm is already gathering a ton of information about the attendees at your event in every section we can think of on our app. For example, you will find valuable attendee data in our:

  • Networking hall
  • Community feed
  • Attendee interactions (likes, shares, comments, previews, bookmarks, interests)
  • User or company profiles
  • Sessions
  • Agenda
  • Surveys
  • Event polls
  • Topics
  • Follows
  • Tickets
  • Public post
  • Company products


If you’re an event organizer, you know that the experience is just as important as the product or service. Your participants give your organization insight into how to improve its offerings and create new ones. But what about revenue generation? Does it make sense for organizations to use participant data for this purpose? This blog post will explore how businesses can maximize their revenue by using participant data effectively.

One of the most important things you can do as an organizer is to maximize the data your participants generate and use it to generate even more revenue. When you design a good experience for your participants, you are essentially creating a custom consumer experience. Because of this, you are able to identify what goals they are trying to accomplish and optimize your experience to help them achieve those goals. This allows you to generate even more revenue since you are able to provide additional value to your participants. 

Creating ZIGnotch membership benefits

How do you create a robust membership offering? Decide on price ranges and payment options. For various tiers, you might need a variety of price points. Use the two primary goals of events—business and networking or content and learning—as the lure to draw in new members.

And how do you draw people into your ZIGnotch membership community using those two main goals as a hook? It is very comparable to an online newspaper where you may be able to read some of the content for free but must subscribe to read more; but, the content here is more in-depth and based on attendee data rather than newspaper content. If you manage this data properly, you can continually make money. Make events with an understanding of who and what your attendees are. 

Benefits of membership can include access to an on-demand library of events, enhanced sponsorship at the event, and smaller networking gatherings within micro-communities.

Should delegates be charged or not?

For many event industry professionals right now, this is a crucial question. Changing attendees’ expectations are essential after a decade of indoctrination into the idea that “everything is free online,” especially since virtual events are not run for free.

Delegate tickets may also be purchased in tiers. A standard pass might, for instance, grant access to sponsors, Q&A sessions, and all talks live. All three could be included in a content pass, along with access to content, and speakers.  All of that, as well as access to matchmaking and one-on-one networking, all networking spaces, and accrued training points, could be included in a full pass.

earn from virtual events

Different Sponsorships

The most important factors to take into account when it comes to sponsorship are technology, sales prices, data, content, and mindset. What links between the various features and activities on our platform can you draw in order to help your exhibitors achieve their objectives? What data is gathered on the event, and is it accessible to your sponsors or exhibitors? What ZIGnotch features might be profitable for you and your customers? Try the 30-day trial and learn everything you can about the platform’s features, key content, tech stack, and advantages so you can sell it to your customers.

Why Event Data Is King

Insightful data will be sought after by sponsors at digital events. Fear not, ZIGnotch provides both real-time and in-depth analytics of customer behavior. Organize post-event analytics into a report that you can sell to event planners to help them plan future events and is free for event organizers. You can create a 365-day digital campaign for your sponsors using our platform that retargets the event attendees. Charge your sponsors based on impressions, and we provide dashboards and in-depth analytics for this.

Are Hybrid Events The Future?

The more an event can perfect the virtual component and master the art of monetization through digitization, the more long-term revenue streams it will generate as the industry develops and hybrid becomes a given.

With hybrid, we will be able to generate new data without being constrained by geographical boundaries, access new markets with lower entry barriers, and increase our ability to funnel into more expensive goods. Utilize ZIGnotch technology in conjunction with your sponsor packages to give your clients more knowledge and advantages.

Benefits Of Event Data

There is no doubt that participant data is the new currency for many businesses and successful events. With more organizations looking to harness data from their users, it’s clear that there are opportunities for both startups and established companies. But what are we going to do with this valuable resource? How can we get the most out of it? The answer is to maximize the value of your user data by utilizing their personalization capabilities! Marketers will be better equipped to engage with customers on a deeper level while also generating revenue through personalized ads or offers if they understand how ZIGnotch tools work and how they can be used to increase engagement levels.

We hope you found this post useful. If you want to increase your revenue using the above tips, sign up for our free 30-day trial and check out the numerous benefits provided by ZIGnotch.

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